Recap – SPI Roundtable: State of the State

Our March “State of the State” Roundtable highlighted new accomplishments from 2012 and new activities planned for 2013.  The group shared some inspiring achievements and we’d love to hear yours!.  See the highlights below and click the link to add your thoughts!

Some trends emerged:

Advocacy:  2030 adoption and advocacy increased in 2012 and continues to be a focus for 2013, along with support for Boston’s Building Asset Rating ordinance and the Green Ribbon Commission advising the City of Boston on resilience and adaption planning.

Data collection and reporting:  participants reported measuring actual performance in their homes and at work, including new internal requirements to review past energy models to improve future results.  That is expected to continue in 2013, including a push to collect real post-occupancy energy data and to develop mechanisms for collecting data from developing countries.

(Our next Roundtable  will be dedicated to metrics and data.)

Collaboration:  there is new emphasis on driving performance by shifting accountability and building stronger relationships, both  with clients/owners (to teach them how to evaluate options beyond simple dollar payback) and with team members (in developing joint proposals, showing how they will meet performance goals before the contract is awarded).

Participants also reported: taking on their first Living Building Challenge project, biking to work, looking for new technology in Europe, and more.

What about you?  Click here to tell us what you did last year and plan to do in 2013!