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Mike Davis of Bergmeyer Associates shares his experiences with AIA’s 2030 Commitment and SPI’s help conducting an assessment to see how to improve portfolio-wide performance.

I enjoyed the Greening Your Firm workshop. As a Project Manager for a Construction Management company, this workshop provides the tools necessary for a company to begin, or to continue on the road to becoming sustainable.

– David Reeves, Project Manager, LendLease


If you want to be green and you want to make a profit, it just makes sense to have a plan. The Green Your Firm workshop provides a great framework for institutionalizing green in the design firm. As we got deeper into the SPI Certification criteria, I realized the knowledge sharing processes being discussed are just good business.

– Charles Brown, Architect


The “Greening Your Firm” workshop proved to be hugely beneficial in assessing current processes, setting a course for positive change, and measuring performance along the way. I would highly recommend this workshop for organizations wishing to more completely institutionalize sustainable practices.

– B. Wright Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Sustainability Program Manager


“The SPI Boot Camp workshop was a great introduction to the ideas behind a sustainable and green office environment. It gave me a unique perspective on the way we work as Architects to incorporate sustainability into our profession”

– Jack Devilbiss, Bonstra Haresign Architects


This workshop helps connect the dots from scattered green ideas to focused green implementation. Sustainability can be an integrated and measurable part of design business rather than just a tack-on piece.

– Anonymous


The SPI Boot Camp is the first program to give me the tools to track, integrate and maintain sustainability in a firm. These are ideas and processes I can actually use.

– Alicia Pandimos Maurer, AIA LEED BD&C CRB Consulting Engineers


The workshop encourages a lot of interaction with fellow participants. I learned a great deal about dealing with subjects and ideas that are common to all of us and went away encouraged and excited. If you are interested in making your company more “sustainable”, I highly recommend you attend the SPI Boot Camp.

– Michael G. Huslage, AIA Michael G. Huslage, PLLC

Certification: Why do property owners want SPI Certified teams?

We will use this [SPI Certification] as a factor in selecting service provider firms. Knowing that a company is certified with this process tells me they don’t just have some LEED accredited people. Certification tells me they have leadership in the company.

– Lawrence Healey, Director of Real Estate, Design and Planning, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, MA


SPI Certification will absolutely be a factor in my selecting an architect, engineer and contractor. Every service provider that comes to us tells us they’re experts in sustainable design and construction. If the company has been certified, then I can be comfortable that sustainable design and construction is something organic to the way they operate, not something they’ve just added on.

– Douglas W. Noonan, PE Head of International Real Estate Management, Past President, CORENET Global, New England Chapter


“Certification puts some real teeth in sustainable design. Showing that sustainable design is really integrated into a company’s culture over time means much more to me than knowing that the company has built some LEED buildings or has some LEED accredited staff.”

– John Ziegler, AIA, Director – Off-Campus Development, Facilities, Princeton University


What value do design and construction companies get from SPI Certification?

“Becoming SPI Certified is very important to Nexamp as we strive to continuously improve our delivery of high-quality clean energy design, construction, and management services. It is not only our mission to help our customers reduce their energy costs with renewable energy and energy efficiency; we want to ensure that our operations and delivery of services are as efficient and effective as possible. The Certification helps us achieve these goals. We identified redundancies and red tape which has resulted in us winning bids that we wouldn’t have won, and being more cost effective.

Chris Perron, Director of Operations, Nexamp


It’s so important to be able to prove to our clients that we’re green, and not just to say that we’re green… What’s exciting about the SPI Certification program is that it expands the picture to talk about the way we DO our work.  The Certification offers a discipline and rigor that we can apply to different kinds of projects, whether they’re urban design or interior design and to our practices within the office accounting and operations.  I think the best thing that came out of the SPI Certification program was a very interesting conversation among the different practice groups within our office of what it means to be sustainable and how you document that. We believe that it will take our work to an even higher level and that’s what we’re all striving for – to reach a level of excellence and then a higher level of excellence and the SPI Green Certification is part of that achievement.


– Jean Carroon, FAIA, Principal-in-Charge of Preservation, Goody Clancy


The value of SPI Certification is that we’re able to gauge performance and  plainly account for and communicate that to our clients. One of the most valuable aspects of this program has actually been surveying our own employees. With over 350 people, it’s important to us to know that everybody is on the same page.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Julie Paquette, Green Integration Group, Vanderweil Engineers


We identified redundancies and red tape which has resulted in us winning bids that we wouldn’t have won, and being more cost effective.

Chris Perron, Director of Operations, Nexamp


We really want to look at what’s the process of the entire organization, and LEED doesn’t do that, so I really celebrate that idea. Also: the more that you set measurable, time limited goals, the more you really push performance.

Gail Sullivan, Founder & Principal, Studio G Architects


The reason we’re joining the program is that we want to position ourselves visibly as sustainability leaders in the construction industry. Also, SPI Certification looks at the waste reduction aspects of sustainability in a business context as well as important environmental aspects.

Tom Perry, Managing Director of Engineering Services, Shawmut Design and Construction


Sustainability is not just the way we do business at Wight & Company, it’s our way of life. We are pleased to be participating in this Certification program and working with an independent organization that shares our commitment to promoting sustainability standards and practices.

– Lois Vitt Sale, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Wight & Company