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Driving the market – getting the tools you need and finding the best teams.

You’ve made the commitment to high performance design and sustainability. Now you need to work with service providers who can deliver!

Getting the best teams for design, construction and property management is key to achieving and maintaining a quality portfolio. SPI provides a range of tools and resources to help you make sure you get the best for your money and position your projects to achieve the best possible performance. Below you will find links to tools and resources that will help your write the most effective RFPs, select the best teams and manage them effectively.

One easy way to raise the bar on qualifications is to include a “preference for AIA 2030 Signatories” in RFQ or RFPs. This one simple designation will help you get a higher quality of firms whose commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is more likely to be baked into the firm’s culture and practices, which translates into better value for you! These firms distinguish themselves in many ways. One particular advantage is that they usually make efforts to learn from past project performance in order to change future design. Read more at AIA’s website.

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