Outsourced Director of Sustainability or Chief Sustainability Officer

Would your firm benefit from having a Sustainability Director?

Do you think your firm might want sustainability leadership – but you don’t know what that looks like?

If your firm is at the point where hiring a Director of Sustainability or CSO would be helpful, but you haven’t found the right person, or you’re not sure what the scope of their responsibilities should be, not sure how to cover the cost or just not ready to invest in that position full time – SPI provides a Sustainability Director Concierge Service. With extensive expertise and low risk, you can have one of SPI’s consultants provide on-call or contract part-time leadership for sustainability. We can help you establish what the future full-time position will be, how you will pay for it, how to achieve your goals and how to plan for continuous improvement and measurable success as well as how to leverage the position marketing and business development.

If you are “leading from the middle” and think it would be useful to get this expertise to help grow sustainability efforts and get the buy-in from leadership to make a real commitment, we can help.


  • Deep industry expertise, working with firms of all sizes, around the US and abroad
  • Low risk investment for high value
  • Ensure that your plan and strategy moving forward is positioned for success
  • Avoid making mistakes that others have made
  • Design a future full-time position that provides good ROI from the outset

This is a custom service, please contact us to explore the best option for your company.

Coaching Services for Sustainability Directors

Sustainability Directors are often struggling to be successful in their roles. The irony of an SD is that even though hired by their firm, they almost immediately suffer from diminished credibility just because they are an “inside” voice. Additionally – SDs are typically technical experts – they are often architects or engineers who have risen through the ranks by delivering projects and implementing designs. This is often a necessary but not sufficient skill-set. The skills needed to implement change management strategies are completely different. That’s where we can help. We can coach your sustainability leaders to develop effective strategies to gain buy-in, overcome resistance and implement valuable, transformative strategies that benefit your company on many levels.