How Green is your Team?

Owners have the right to expect and demand consistent, cost-effective quality and sustainability. Practitioners have to be able to deliver on their sustainability promises.  How do you know if you or your team members make the grade?

Collect Employee Feedback

Do you know how your Firm compares to other “green”ReportCard1 organizations in the industry? Our quiz gives you an objective baseline of your company’s leadership, culture, capabilities and effectiveness in delivering sustainability and aligning your operations, management and services with your sustainability goals. Share the link with colleagues at all levels of responsibility and get a sense of how consistently sustainability is applied across the organization.  Email us and we’ll send you your custom results at no charge, to compare against the overall findings from the hundreds who have already completed the survey.

Take the “How Sustainable is your Firm” quiz

Request a Gap Analysis

Our Gap AnalReportCard3ysis goes beyond the “How Sustainable is your Firm?” Quiz to give you a custom review of various aspects of your organization. It includes your competitive ranking as well as SPI’s independent review of your survey results, organizational systems and processes.  The result is a gap analysis with recommendations for improved processes, profitability and performance.

Fee:  $3,000 for one office with centralized management systems; contact us for multiple office or complex systems pricing.

Email us for more information.

Fill Out a Team Member Report CardReportCard2

SPI’s Client Report Card is a tool for building owners and others who hire design and construction teams. The Report Card is like “Angie’s List” in that it gives clients a platform for feedback, but unlike Angie’s List, we don’t publish the information, we aggregate it and send it directly to the firms. Design and construction firms can also use our free report card as a “voice of the customer” tool to get feedback from their clients.

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