Letter of Engagement

SPI Green Firm Certification Letter of Engagement

Please review this letter of engagement carefully so that you clearly understand the SPI Certification process and expectations. To join the program complete the form and send it with your payment to: SPI Certification, 1085 Commonwealth Ave #374, Boston MA 02215.

Certification Fee

$6,000 for one office for 3 years; $2,500 for firms with fewer than 20 employees. Contact us for information about certifying multiple offices.

Certification Process

The SPI Certification process generally follows four steps: 1) Registration, 2) Assessment, 3) Fill Gaps, and 4) Audit and Certification. In the case of companies already achieving excellence in sustainable practice consistently, the audit process is intentionally streamlined to evaluate existing materials, processes, policies and systems. The SPI audit is not intended to require the creation of new, unnecessary documentation. It is the explicit intention of the program to minimize bureaucracy and onerous paperwork so that the SPI certification process is efficient and effective. Companies in the program will fall into one of three status categories: 1) Registered, 2) Provisional, and 3) Certified.

Review a detailed description of the Certification process.

Non-Disclosure of Proprietary Information

The Sustainable Performance Institute (SPI) acknowledges that in the course of the certification process Applicant may disclose Proprietary Business and/or Technical Information (“Proprietary Information”).  SPI agrees that it shall maintain in confidence such Proprietary Information, shall not use such Proprietary Information for any purpose other than to determine certification status of Applicant, and shall not disclose such Proprietary Information to any third party without the prior express written approval of Applicant.   This restriction shall not apply to information that is or becomes generally known to the public or that is legally obtained by SPI through other means.

Sharing Of Best Practices

In order to foster continuous improvement, SPI plans to make available information and samples of best practices through its website.  Such information will be anonymous and will not contain proprietary content of any program participant unless explicitly permitted by the participant, in writing.

Directory of Certified Companies

All Certified companies will be listed on our website, showing the effective date of the certification and whether all or part of the company is included.

Publicity While Certification Is Pending

Only companies who opt in will be included on the website and in PR materials during the certification process.  If you wish to be included in PR materials, please send us an email to that effect with your logo attached. This is also an opportunity to send us any photos, audio or video clips that may be appropriate for inclusion in our materials related to the program and its participants. Please be sure to obtain copyright releases for all materials you send to us and list the sources to credit.

Use of the Certification Logo & Messaging

Once you achieve certification (full or provisional), you may use the Certification name and logo in your marketing materials.

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Before You Go!

If you have not yet completed the intake survey please do so now! For multi-office companies this will allow us to provide you with volume pricing.  For everyone, this will provide basic metrics to help us track the effectiveness of the program.